Build Your Future With An Business Information Worker I Certificate

The Business Information Worker I Certificate Program prepares students for an entry-level career as a secretary or an administrative assistant. Training includes keyboarding and speed building, current Windows operating system, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Internet, customer service, communication and problem solving, telephone techniques, business mathematics, proofreading and spelling, filing, and job hunting skills.

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Use Internet and search engine tools to locate appropriate information for work-related activities.
  • Use Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook to complete administrative tasks and projects reflecting professional standards.
  • Type a minimum of 35 net words per minute (NWPM) with no more than five errors.
  • Demonstrate proper methods for handling telephone calls and taking messages.
  • Coordinate and plan travel itineraries for business travel.
  • Perform computer file/management and backup practices and procedures most commonly used in the workplace.
  • Use Microsoft Outlook to compose email correspondences, manage appointments and contact/email lists, and plan events.
  • Create letters, memos, and reports in Microsoft Word using proper business formatting techniques.
  • Calculate and prepare payroll, including deductions and net pay.

Additional Eligibility Requirements Include:

  • Must be 18 years or older to enroll
  • Must complete an NOCE Admissions Application
  • Must complete an online Orientation at least 24 hours prior to registering
  • Students have basic English reading, writing, and speaking skills and/or be at an ESL intermediate low level (recommended)
  • Students have basic math skills (recommended)

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon completion of this program, students will be awarded a certificate.

All NOCE Business Information Worker I Certificate courses are tuition-free. However, students are responsible for covering the cost of textbooks, software, course supplies, and a parking pass.

The program can be completed in as little as nine months.

Average salary per year in this field ranges from $24,720 to $39,470 per year.

Career opportunities upon completion of this certificate include:

  • Secretary
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Associate
  • Office Assistant
  • Clerk Typist
  • Administrative Specialist


Number of Jobs in 2018 159,382
2018-28 Job Growth 2%
Entry-Level Pay in 2018 $26,624/ Annual, $12.80/ Hour
Median Pay in 2018 $34,424/ Annual, $16.55/ Hour

Salary and employment outlook is for Orange County, CA  and will vary depending on the skill, experience, employer, and geographic location.

Degrees & Certificates

Students who enjoy using computers for various applications, have strong interpersonal and communication skills, and enjoy providing customer service should consider starting the Business Information Worker Program at North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE) as your first step to a career in various industry sectors.

Administrative Assistants are responsible for a variety of administrative and clerical duties that are necessary for organizations to run efficiently and effectively. They often serve as information managers in an office, scheduling meetings and appointments, organizing and maintaining proper electronic files, managing projects, conducting research, and providing information via phone and email.

People in this career often have these skills:

  • English Language – Reading, writing, and speaking with co-workers and customers usually at or above an ESL level of intermediate low.
  • Writing – Writing things for co-workers and/or supervisors
  • Time Management – Managing one’s own time and the time of others
  • Active Listening – Listening to others, not interrupting, and asking good questions
  • Computer and Software Knowledge – Creating spreadsheets, composing correspondence, and preparing presentations using various applications

People in this career need skills such as:

  • Integrity
  • Dependability
  • Attention to Detail
  • Independence
  • Cooperation

There are many benefits to completing the NOCE Business Information Worker Certificate Program. In addition to having access to the latest computer software programs, students will develop the foundational skills and knowledge to be a dynamic employee within multiple industry sectors. This program also offers students the opportunity to practice interviewing techniques to prepare for job interviews.

Administrative Assistants have careers that often grow into the following positions:

  • Administrative Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Project Coordinator

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Careers In This Field


Administrative Assistant

Administrative Associate

Office Assistant

Clerk Typist

Administrative Specialist

Average Salary in This Field

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