A photo of the LatinX Heritage Month event for staff, faculty, and students.

The Student Equity Program promotes student success by focusing on closing the achievement gap for underrepresented student groups.

To promote student success, NOCE has developed a Student Equity Plan with specific goals, outcomes, and actions to address disparities among targeted student demographics.

Data shows that underrepresented groups at NOCE include:  

  • American Indians or Alaskan Natives 
  • Asian or Pacific Islanders 
  • African Americans  
  • LatinX or Hispanics 
  • Whites  
  • Men  
  • Women  
  • Individuals with disabilities (Title 5, §54220) 

Through effective strategies and school-wide activities, NOCE strives to narrow the equity achievement gap and improve student success through the following Student Equity Plan indicators: 

  • Access 
  • Retention 
  • Course completion 
  • English as a second language and basic skills completion 
  • Career Technical Education certificate completion 
  • Noncredit-to-credit transition 

Equity Resources

Professional Development Events with Student Equity Focus

To apply for funding to attend any of the following events/conferences, please fill out the form: Student Equity Conference/Event Funding Request  

NOTE:  Events marked with an asterisk are free; no funding request necessary. 

Event NameEvent DateEvent TimeEvent LocationEvent Information
Pathways to Equity Conference September 29-30, 2020 TBDTBDCheck back for more information.
ACCE drive-in workshop event Fall 2020TBDTBDCheck back for more information
Latina Leadership Network Conference March 2021TBDTBDCheck back for more information
A2MEDMarch 2021TBDTBDCheck back for more information
Vision for Success Summit April 2021TBDTBDCheck back for more information
NCORE May 2021TBDTBDCheck back for more information

Student Equity Documents

NOCE Student Equity Plan (2019 – 2022) 

Student Equity Conference/Event Funding Request