NOCE Values Student Representation 

The NOCE Student Leadership Program was created to develop leaders to participate in their school actively. NOCE values student feedback and input to provide insight into serving their educational needs more effectively.

2023 NOCE Students Leaders at Graduation

NOCE hosts an open application period each year to accept new student representatives. Student leaders are assigned to participate in specific school-wide planning and budgeting committees and workgroups. They are also invited to participate in school-wide events, surveys, focus groups, and more.

NOCE Student Leaders Will: 

  • Gain leadership experience serving on a school committee.
  • Receive guidance from a mentor.
  • Participate in conferences, events, and meetings.
  • Be eligible to receive a certificate of leadership participation upon completion.  
  • Be able to include this leadership experience in their resume as part of community involvement.  
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of school and state budgeting and planning.  
  • Provide a voice that represents NOCE students in school-wide decision-making processes and committees.

How to Apply to NOCE’s Student Leadership Program 

Student leaders will need to:

  • Be a currently-enrolled NOCE student 
  • Serve a one-year term (optional second year) 
  • Have a good command of English (oral and written)
  • Participate in monthly committee/workgroup meetings 
  • Attend the Student Leadership Orientation and Training meeting (held in the fall semester) 
  • Be comfortable utilizing online resources (ex: internet, e-mail, myGateway, etc.) 

Student Leadership Application

Students interested in applying to be a leader at NOCE must fill out the application, which includes a statement of interest and an area to submit faculty/staff recommendations. The application deadline is in September each year. 

The application submission period is open now.

Student Leadership Application

Apply now to be an NOCE Student Leader. 

Svetlana Soske
In the student leader role, you push yourself to the highest standards. You want to advance yourself. You want to be a role model, and it’s pushing you out of your comfort zone to reach the stars. Svetlana Soske
2022-2023 Student Leader