Thank you for visiting the scholarship page. Unfortunately, the application is now closed.

We encourage you to check the NOCE website for the Fall 2021 Book Awards
The scholarship committee will be working diligently, reviewing and evaluating the applications in the first two weeks of June. We hope to have a response to the results by June 15, 2021. Thank you for your participation, and we wish you success. 

Two of the 2018 NOCE Scholarship Award winners, posing for a photo with their awards.

NOCE Scholarship Program Honors Excellence

Each NOCE scholarship has different requirements. Read carefully through all available scholarships, including its criteria and requirements for applying. We encourage all students to apply for scholarships that reflect their needs, personal skills, and/or accomplishments.

NOCE scholarships include opportunities for students to apply for funding for:

    • Textbooks
    • Various student fees (for uniforms, software fees, and more)
    • Partial tuition fees for college

To qualify for a NOCE Scholarship students must:

    • Follow directions.
    • Meet requirements.
    • Turn in a complete application with all the required paperwork.

Students must observe the following scholarship rules:

    • The scholarship board will not review incomplete applications.
    • All scholarships should be completed online.
    • Students can apply to multiple scholarships online. However, all scholarship applications must include a separate specific essay for each scholarship. One essay for all scholarships will not be accepted. Each essay must reflect the specific prompts designed for the scholarship selected.

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Check out all of the scholarships offered at NOCE. Review which scholarships are right for you.

NOCE Scholarship Program Pages

Types of Scholarships

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Book Award

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Scholarship Applications & Deadlines

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Workshops & Important Dates

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