NOCE Emergency Aid

The NOCE Emergency Aid initiative will help current NOCE students who face reduced financial resources due to COVID-19. NOCE will provide a food voucher for a local grocery store to qualifying NOCE students when available.

Emergency Aid Application 

Application Posted:

Application is CLOSED

Award Notification and Distribution:  Within one (1) week of application submissions. 

*Due to a change of funding, some may not qualify for the gift card. Quantities are limited.

Program Benefits:

Students will receive aid such as food vouchers and other resources when available to help them stay enrolled and continue working towards their goals.

Invitations to workshops on NOCE and community resources to support students experiencing financial hardships.

Access to additional resources through Pathways of Hope, including food and basic needs/supplies, and service navigation.

Process to Apply:

Be a currently enrolled NOCE student.

Students must reside in California to receive a gift card

Submit an application at:

  • Use your myGateway username and password
  • Answer the income question (please pay attention, read, and answer carefully)
  • Translation to the application questions is available on the application
  • For help, contact: or (714) 808-4679

Confirm the need is due to unforeseen financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. What is the purpose of this Emergency Aid Program?

    North Orange Continuing Education Emergency Aid Program is here to help current NOCE students who face an unforeseen financial situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic that would directly impact a their ability to persist in their course of study.  Students who have received assistance in the past will be able to apply this semester.  Students will be able to apply for emergency aid once a semester, when available.  When available, eligible students will receive aid such as food voucher and other resources to help students stay enrolled and continue working towards their educational goals.  Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. 

    Note:  We will try to assist as many students as possible but cannot guarantee food vouchers for all applicants. 


  • 2. Who can apply for this assistance/aid?

    NOCE students who meet all of the following requirements:  

    • Currently enrolled NOCE students 
    • Confirm the need is due to unforeseen financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic (a check box will need to be checked off if this applies) 
    • Answer the income question (please pay attention, read, and answer carefully)
    • Submit a complete application; All items requested will need to be completed, and the “Submit button must be clicked.
  • 3. How can I apply for this emergency aid, food voucher?

    Students can apply by:

    The application link at:, which will direct you to log into MyGateway with your sign in credentials (Student (Banner) ID and password). 

  • 4. Why is the application located in myGateway?

    Students are asked to use their student credentials to log into MyGateway as a cybersecurity measure and to protect their private information in accordance with FERPA. This includes their Student ID and other personal identifiers.

  • 5. What if I cannot view the application?

    It could be that your browser language was set to any other language that is not English. Please reset your browser to English and that should solve the problem. 

  • 6. Can another person login with their own MyGateway credentials to submit the application for another person? 

    No. The login credentials are an authentication process for the person needing financial assistance. The technology team pulls the student’s contact information and current enrollment history from Banner using the credentials to access the application.

  • 7. Where can a student get help setting up a free e-mail and/or assistance with MyGateway?

    For specific assistance see the chart below and connect with the appropriate office for your need: 

    StarHelp can assist with: 

    • Online NOCE application 
    • Online class registration 
    • General information online, class schedule 
    • myGateway login 


    Monday – Thursday:
    7:30 am -7 pm 

    7:30 am -4 pm 


    (714) 808-4679

    For assistance logging into MyGateway or resetting their password, students can get assistance by contacting:

  • 8. How can I update/add my e-mail to my Banner account?

    StarHelp can update your Banner accounts if you (the student) email from the email you wish to use with the following:  

    1. Full Name 
    2. Date of Birth 
    3. ID# (if available) 
    4. Add to the subject line: Please add this email to my account” 

    After StarHelp receives and processes the request, the student will receive a confirmation.  They can then request a “reset password” and log into the application.” 

  • 9. What if I get this error message (shown) “CAS is Unavailable”?

    You should use a different browser (such as Google, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and/or clear your browsing history, cookies, and cache.   

    You will still have to login to myGateway and paste the link into a new browser.  

  • 10. When will I hear back from this program if I received an award?

    It is expected for Counseling and Student Services staff to email you with additional information and a decision within two (2) weeks or sooner.

  • 11. Will this award/food voucher affect my reportable income?

    It is always best to check with your tax professional for tax-related questions.  These funds are provided by Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021 (CRRSA) and CARES Act.

  • 12. What if I have a question about this Emergency Aid Program?

    You can email us at, and we will answer your email within two (2) business days.

  • 13. If I received an Emergency Aid food voucher before, can I apply again?

    Yes, currently enrolled students can apply each semester/term the Emergency Aid Program is offered.

    You will need to complete the Emergency Aid application to verify your enrollment and confirm that you need it due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Please note this Emergency Aid Program is being offered due to federal funding in response to the pandemic; future Emergency Aid Programs will be based on available funding. 

  • 14. Will HSDP students be eligible?

    Yes, they will be registered in Banner after beginning in-person classes.

  • 15. Why am I being asked about my income?

    Some of the funding that has been provided by the state requires students to be eligible for the California Promise Grant, which is based on income.

    Even though NOCE students do not qualify for financial aid, this question helps us receive funding for the program.