OPEN: Monday, May 13, 2024 – Until funds run out

A graphic of a pile of books and pictures of NOCE students.

What is the NOCE book award?

This program was created for students enrolled in any of our NOCE noncredit programs that require books. 

This award is in the form of a credit at the Fullerton Bookstore for assistance in purchasing required books, access codes, and any other instructional material as deemed necessary for the course and by the instructor and available at the bookstore. Criteria used to determine award amounts include the number of courses in which the student is enrolled, the cost of the required textbooks and materials listed by the bookstore, and book funds available. 

Students who need financial assistance with purchasing their books and meet the eligibility criteria listed below may apply.

What are the requirements?

Complete an application for consideration and meet the following requirements:

  • 2024 Summer Semester registration 
  • Student Educational Plan (SEP) completed (valid from 2023 Spring, to the present)
  • Provide book needs/book expenses for the 2024 Summer
  • Written response in the application: Your educational and career goals
  • Answer the income question on the application

*Please note that not all students who apply may receive a book award due to the anticipated number of requests.

Need help buying textbooks?

Eligible students who have a financial need and need assistance with purchasing their books may apply via MyGateway

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. How will I know if I receive the book voucher?

    After you have reviewed and met the eligibility, go to the link, and begin the application. Apply Here

    • You will receive a notification with instructions/guidance on what action items will be needed from you to be eligible if this is the case.
    • If the system indicates you are not eligible, it will not be considered a successful completion.
    • Once you have met all criteria and the system has verified you are eligible, you will be allowed to complete the application towards successful completion.
    • An email response will be sent to you indicating you have successfully applied for the NOCE Book Award.
    • While we will try to provide book awards to as many students as possible, please note that due to the anticipated number of requests, not all students who apply may receive a book award.
  • 2. When can I expect to purchase my books, after I have been screened as an eligible applicant?

    Students will be emailed award notifications and instructions on purchasing their books.

    We will strive to notify you of your award within 5-7 business days.

  • 3. Is the Fullerton College bookstore open to purchase my books?

    The Fullerton College Bookstore is open for in-store purchases.

    However, you can go online to the Fullerton College Bookstore Website to place an order for your books and can select home delivery or curbside pick-up!

  • 4. When can I begin to register for this book voucher?

    The application for this award is expected to open on May 13, 2024 – Until funds run out.

      • Notification of application submission is immediately following a successful submission.
      • Another email within 5 business days will be sent indicating an award, the amount, and additional instructions.
  • 5. Income Questions

    Not all students who apply will qualify for a book award credit voucher due to limited funds.