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NOCE Anaheim Campus is offering on-campus “drive-through” food distribution twice per month on Fridays

Distribution FridaysDrive-Through HoursReservation Window
December 3, 2021 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. November 27 – December 1, 2021
December 17, 2021 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. December 11 – 15, 2021

Students must make a reservation to access food and personal hygiene items

To help our efforts in managing inventory, a weekly reservation will be required to participate. Registration is open for 5 days from Saturday to Wednesday for the following Friday distribution. After registration, you will receive a confirmation number and details including the location of the distribution.

Students will receive:

  • Non-perishable and fresh food items.
  • Additional personal hygiene items may be requested or made available upon request if in stock.

Make your reservation here!

Login through myGateway to make a reservation to access food and personal hygiene items.

The Anaheim Campus food pantry

In collaboration with Pathways of Hope, NOCE provides students with non-perishable food, fresh produce, day-to-day necessities, and resource information at the Anaheim Campus Food Pantry. 

We welcome all NOCE students and Cypress College Culinary Program students who take classes at the Anaheim Campus. It is recommended that NOCE students at other Centers should visit their campus-based food pantry: 

Food Pantry General Information

**While the NOCCCD food pantries are not at full capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students/employees in need of food can also visit the Pathways of Hope’s HUB of Hope Food Distribution Center. 

    • HUB of Hope is located at 611 S. Ford Avenue in Fullerton 
    • Distribution is Monday – Friday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
    • Food will be packed in advance and students/employees can drive by and pick up a bag of food. 

Click here for the Hub of Hope fliers: English Flier andSpanish Flier.

Anaheim Campus Food Pantry  

1830 W. Romneya Drive  

First Floor, Room 156 

Anaheim, CA 92801 

Operation Hours 

This semester NOCE will ONLY host Food Drive-Throughs


Cypress College Food Pantry  

9200 Valley View Street 

Student Activities Center, Gym 2, 2nd floor  

Cypress, CA 90630 

Operation Hours  

Please visit the Cypress College Food Pantry page for more information.


Fullerton College Food Pantry  

321 East Chapman Avenue  

Building 1955 

Fullerton, CA 92832 

Operation Hours 

Please visit the Fullerton College Food Pantry page for more information.

Volunteers Needed!  

Looking for individuals who can consistently commit two to three hours per week and arrive on time.  


Volunteers do a variety of tasks: 

  • Food stocking 
    • Organizing pantry and stocking produce 
  • Food rescue  
    • Driving to pick up food from local sources 
  • Food distribution 
    • Assisting students, collecting data, and managing the line


Apply to Become a Food Pantry Volunteer: 


For any questions and assistance, contact Brittany Benford at: 


Donate Today! 

All food and hygiene donations will support NOCCCD students  


Food Items  

  • Canned proteins: canned tuna, canned beef, canned ham, canned salmon, canned turkey, canned sausages, canned spam, canned pork, etc. Preferably cans with easy pull lids. 9oz to 20oz cans. 


  • Bags of beans and rice: 2lbs bags, all types of rice and beans accepted. 


  • Canned soup: beef soup, tomato soup, pork soup, clam chowder, etc. All canned soups accepted; preferably 9oz to 20oz cans. 


  • Canned fruits: canned peaches, canned fruit mix/cocktail, canned mandarins, canned pineapples, canned tropical fruit, canned mangos, canned cherries, canned grapefruit, etc. Preferably cans with easy pull lids, 9oz to 20oz cans. 


  • Canned sauces: pasta sauce, tomato sauce, alfredo sauce, etc. Glass containers are also accepted; preferably 10oz to 40oz containers. 


  • Cereals: generic brand cereals, oatmeal, etc. Preferably a box of cereal, but cereal cups will also be accepted. 


  • Nut butters: peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, powered butters, etc. Preferably 18oz peanut butter containers. 




Hygiene products needed: 

shampoo, body wash (not bars of soap), diapers (all sizes), body lotion, deodorant, pads/tampons, 

toothbrushes, toothpaste, baby wipes, sunscreen, razors, body wipes, and lip balm. 


Disclaimer: Make sure to find cans and boxes that have no signs of damage, dents, openings, punctures, etc. and with labels that are fully intact. Any cans or boxes that are damaged-even slightly- must be discarded.  


Drop-off Information: 

Before donating, please contact Brittany Benford to schedule a drop-off time.  


To receive food at no charge, students must bring the following when visiting the Anaheim Campus Food Pantry: ***Currently Offering Drive-Through Event***

Service Navigation

Pathways of Hope provides service navigation to those facing food insecurity or housing instability. A Service Navigator can help you with completing intake, determining eligibility, and providing case management to new and returning NOCE students. Our service package includes: 

  • Food pantry 
  • Landlord mediation 
  • Eviction prevention 
  • Housing search 
  • Rental assistance  
  • Security deposit  
  • Utility assistance  
  • Social service navigation 
  • Community resources 

For more information, contact: Brittany Benford Pathways of Hope Service Navigator For more information, check out the Service Navigation flier.

For reservation questions and assistance, contact:; 714.808.4682