The Student Technology Support Services in room 201 at Anaheim Campus

Services We Offer:

The Student Technology Support Services provides technical support to students for NOCE technologies such as:

Laptop Loan Program

  • Distribution of laptops
  • Collection of laptops
  • Help with break/fix
  • MiFi distribution/collection
  • Technical Guidance

Student Emails Assistance

Multi-Factor Authentication Assistance

  • 2FA
  • OTP

Campus WiFi Assistance

Laptop Loan Program

Need a laptop? NOCE can help

Need a laptop? We can help!

NOCE offers loaner laptops for students who are enrolled in online classes.

Individual Appointments for Laptop Loan Requests

Appointments are available!

Reservations are required and must be made one day prior at

You will be notified when you can pick up a laptop at the Anaheim Campus in room 714.

Complete the Reservation Form One Day in Advance:

  • Must be currently enrolled at NOCE for the 2024 Spring Semester.
  • Visit: to access the Laptop Loan Reservation Form via MyGateway.
    • If you have a loaned laptop on file, you may request an extension for the 2023 Fall Semester or schedule a time to return the laptop through this reservation system.
  • Students must know their student ID number and password to log in. If you need help accessing MyGateway, contact StarHelp at: (714) 808-4679 or

When You Pick Up Your Laptops, Students Should:

  • Must be currently enrolled in online classes for the 2024 Spring Semester.
  • Complete the reservation form 24 hours before pick-up:
  • Bring the confirmation number listed in the reservation e-mail.
  • Bring your student ID or 2024 Spring Semester/Bill with your name and ID number listed.

Student Emails Assistance

How can I request a student email address?

Check out the how to guide and follow the instructions on how to access your e-mail address.

Multi-Factor Authentication Assistance

Need help with either myGateway or Microsoft Office multi-factor authentication process?

Contact our office at Or come visit us at the Anaheim Campus.

Want to try it for yourself?

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to enable 2FA.

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to access your student e-mail.