Prepare for Citizenship Today! 

Our Citizenship Preparation Program gets prospective candidates ready for the United States citizenship process. 

A photo of two students receiving their citizenship certificates at the 2019 Student Success event.

You will learn how to complete all required immigration forms and practice for the citizenship test by becoming familiar with United States (U.S.) history and understanding the rights and responsibilities of being a U.S. citizen.

Class Instruction Will Prepare You For:

  • Filing for Citizenship

    You will learn how to complete all required naturalization forms issued by the United States Citizenship Immigration and Service (USCIS) department by:

    • Ensuring all requirements for citizenship can and will be completed
    • Filling out the ‘N 400’ forms
  • The “100” USCIS Questions

    The instructor will provide you with:

    • List of 100 sample questions on the exam
    • Guidance to produce organized and complete answers to citizenship questions 
  • U.S. History and Government

    Learn about United States government, including:

    • How city, county, and state government works
    • City, local, and elected state officials

    Learn about United States history, including:

    • The first settlements and growth of the colonies
    • The Revolutionary War
    • The Declaration of Independence and writing of the U.S. Constitution
    • Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War
    • United States in the 20th Century
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement
  • The USCIS Interview

    The class will cover basic English fluency requirements, including:

    • Sample dictation sentences
    • Citizenship interview practice
    • The naturalization ceremony and the Oath of Allegiance
  • Participate in NOCE’s Student Success Event
    • Completion event is held annually at the end of the spring semester
    • Your hard work is celebrated by peers, instructors, and other NOCE staff, as well as your own family and friends

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Headshot of Patty Gutierrez
I moved from Mexico to California at the age of 17 and soon started a family. However, I couldn’t shake the desire to learn English. I enrolled in the English as a Second Language Program at NOCE and began taking classes to become a U.S. Citizen. I recently passed my citizenship exam and I am now enrolled in the High School Diploma Program. Patricia Gutierrez
ESL Program Graduate