ESL Classes to Prepare You for College 

The ESL Academic Success Program is designed for Intermediate-Advanced students who are interested in transitioning to college or vocational programs. 

A photo of two ESL students writing on the whiteboard in class.

The ESL Academic Success Program certificates are for students at higher levels who wish to transition to a Career Technical Education (CTE) Program or High School Diploma Program at NOCE, or to a college or university to continue their education. The ESL Academic Success classes focus on strengthening English skills for success in an academic setting.

ESL Academic Success Program Classes 

ESL for Academic Success I (IH)ESL for Academic Success II (ADV)  
Reading and Writing for  Academic Success I (ESLA 1060): Reading for main ideas/details, sentence patterns, and the writing process.Reading and Writing for Academic Success II (ESLA 1065): Reading, writing, note-taking, test-taking, critical thinking, and computer skills necessary for academic success in college, high school, GED, or CTE programs.
Listening and Speaking for Academic Success I (ESLA 1062): Listening to lectures, note taking, presentation skills, and critical thinking.Listening and Speaking for Academic Success II (ESLA 1067): Listening to academic  lectures, taking notes, participating in class discussions, giving presentations, and taking exams.
Pre-requisite: ESL Intermediate LowPre-requisite: ESL Intermediate High or Academic Success I

Benefits of the ESL Academic Success Program

Certificate of Completion – Students will receive a state-approved Certificate of Completion after passing each set of courses. Students are also able to participate in the annual NOCE Student Success Event. 

Credits toward other program requirements – ESLA 1065 will count toward the high school diploma requirement for English 1 or 2, or 10 elective credits. ESLA 1060, 1062, and 1067 may receive elective credits only.

Activities geared toward higher education goals – Students get to participate in the following activities while taking courses in the ESL Academic Success Program:

  • Counselor presentations
  • College orientation
  • Cypress College campus field trip
  • Fullerton College campus field trip
A headshot of Viviana Mondragon
I am from Mexico and I am a mother of two children. I had to postpone my schooling due to family issues, but I pushed through these obstacles to achieve my goals. I was able to finish both the ESL Academic Success Program and the High School Diploma Program at NOCE! I am excited to continue my education at a credit college. Viviana Mondragon
ESL Program Graduate