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Students can login to the NOCE DSS Student Portal by clicking on the underlined link or the button below.

Supporting Students on Their Journey to Success

Disability Support Services provides support to adult students with disabilities so they can successfully transition to, participate in, and complete their postsecondary education at NOCE.

A photo of DSS students accepting his certificate during the Student Success and Scholarship Event

DSS provides additional supports that can help students achieve their academic goals at our sister colleges, Cypress College and Fullerton College. DSS assistance and programs help students achieve their goals related to higher education, competitive, integrated employment, and living more independently. 

About the DSS Program

NOCE’s DSS Program is the noncredit provider for the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD). This team helps students with verified disabilities obtain educational accommodations and support services. DSS commits to supporting students in pursuing their inclusive educational and vocational goals. DSS programs comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. 

Note: Students may be eligible for educational coaching services to support them with taking inclusive classes at Cypress College and Fullerton College.  

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The DSS staff and faculty

DSS Services

NOCE’s DSS counselors work with students to identify accommodations and support services they need to be successful in classes. Accommodations help to ensure all students receive an equitable education.

DSS counselors provide specialized academic counseling and can help students with disabilities register for classes and plan their future. Peer mentoring is available for some students.

DSS offers noncredit college classes that help students with mild intellectual disabilities (ID) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) gain independence in school, work, and the community. 

Who is Eligible?

Student eligibility for DSS program admittance is determined on an individual basis. Generally, students must demonstrate:  

  1. Proof of disability or eligibility through LD assessments 

For More Information!

Please visit the Accommodation page for more detailed information on eligibility.

DSS Programs

Headshot of Rachyl Weisner
“It helped my confidence a lot because they gave me the skills to live independently.” Rachyl Wiesner
DSS Alumna and ECE Alumna

Disability Support Services Pages


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Counseling & Student Support

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Educational Coaching

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Employment Support

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Resources for Students and Families

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