DSS student learning how to type on a computer

Empowering Self-Sufficiency for Life. 

Students in the Work Independence Self Advocacy Education (WISE) program learn to live more independently, build employment skills, and navigate their community. WISE at NOCE is open to adults with disabilities who are served by Regional Center and who require a higher level of instructional support than the NOCE DSS classes.

With a 1:4 staff-to-student ratio, students get personalized attention. Students earn certificates for completing specific elements of the program. 

WISE offers many learning opportunities, including:  

  • Computer-assisted instruction 
  • Field trips in the community  
  • Guest speakers 
  • Lecture and class discussion  
  • Role-playing and hands-on demonstration  
  • Small group work  

Students can participate in the program for up to five years. WISE meets Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Ready to Get Started?

Complete the NOCE application to enroll.  

WISE Certificate Programs 

  • Consumer Skills Certificate

    Students learn how to manage their money, create and stick to a budget, and develop other life skills to build independence. 

  • Employability Certificate

    Training focuses on finding available jobs and interacting with others in the workplace. Students will get tools and resources to succeed in the working world.

  • Health and Safety Certificate

    Students learn about personal safety and how to use nutrition and exercise to maintain good health.

  • Practical Living Certificate

    Lessons focus on developing skills to help students do household tasks independently, such as using safe cooking at home. This segment also teaches students how to access community resources.

  • US Civics Certificate

    Students learn all about the United States, including geography, civics, and national history. 

Empowering Learning Environments

WISE focuses on classroom and experience learning. Students learn to join and thrive in inclusive environments with daily training at NOCE.

Wise incorporates campus resources and activities, including:

  • Campus spaces, such as the cafeteria and bookstore 
  • The learning resource center 
  • Track, gym, and tennis courts 
  • Plays, concerts, and art exhibits 
  • Festivals 
  • Job fairs 
An image of a NOCE WISE student at his job at the local library.

How to Sign Up for WISE

First, complete a NOCE application. Applicants will receive a student ID number via email.  

Once the student ID number arrives, call the DSS office 714.808.4719 to schedule a meeting with a DSS counselor. Bring verification of the student’s disability and recent school records. The counselor will help create the right educational plan. This program is partially funded by the Regional Center and requires a referral packet from their Service Coordinator.  

Ready to Get Started?

Complete the NOCE application to enroll.