Build Your Future as a Pharmacy Technician!

NOCE’s Pharmacy Technician Certificate provides the first steps to enter a new career. If you enjoy work with data, are detail-oriented, and enjoy working in a medical field, enroll today!

A pharmacy technician student separating out the number of pills for one prescription.

The NOCE Pharmacy Technician Program is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Become a certified pharmacy technician and prepare to work in a retail or hospital pharmacy.

As a pharmacy technician, you’ll help your retail or hospital-based pharmacy run effectively. This involves preparing medications under the directions of a pharmacist. Technician responsibilities may include receiving new prescriptions and verifying them, maintaining patient profiles, requesting medication refills, typing medication orders into a database, packaging and labeling, managing rejected insurance claims, and maintaining inventory.

Program Information

  • Program Eligibility
    • Students must be 18 years or older
    • Complete an NOCE Admissions Application 
    • Complete an online pharmacy technician orientation at least 24 hours before registering
    • Must purchase and wear a Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program lab coat for all lab classes
    • Recommended: Have basic English language reading, writing, and speaking skills, and/or be at an ESL Intermediate Low level
    • Recommended: Have basic math skills
  • Skills You’ll Need to be Successful
    • English language proficiency – reading, writing, and speaking skills usually at or above an ESL (English as a Second Language) level of Intermediate Low
    • Active listening – ability to listen to others, not interrupt, and ask good questions
    • Math – ability to perform medication calculations
  • Skills You’ll Learn
    • Analyze and transcribe prescriber’s orders into a database
    • Perform common medication calculations
    • Conduct inventory and categorize classes of medication
    • Understand a specific drug’s effect on the human body
    • Communicate well on the phone or in-person with customers or medical staff
    • Complete pharmacy insurance bills and resolve rejected claims
    • Participate in the drug distribution process including preparing incoming prescriptions and/or medication orders, performing prescription refills, and preparing sterile and non-sterile products
  • Program Guide and Resources

Get Started!

NOCE certificate programs can put you on the path for exciting new career opportunities and more earning potential. Get started today!


  • Pharmacy Technician (PT)
  • Inventory Specialist
  • Lead Pharmacy Technician
  • Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)
  • Compounding Technician
  • Billing and Quality Technician

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I receive when finished and how long does it take?

    Students who complete the Pharmacy Technician program receive a certificate. Students may earn either the Pharmacy Technician Registration Certificate or the Pharmacy Technician (ASHP Accredited) Certificate by completing two additional externship courses. The program can be completed in as little as 10-18 months.    

  • How much does it cost?

    The Pharmacy Technician courses are tuition-free. However, students are responsible for covering the cost of textbooks, lab coat, course supplies, and a parking pass.

  • What are the jobs and how much do they pay in California?

    Career opportunities include pharmacy technician (PT), inventory specialist, lead pharmacy technician, certified pharmacy technician (CPhT), compounding technician, and billing and quality technician.

    • Number of jobs in 2018: 3,523
    • 2018-28 projected job growth: 10%
    • Entry-level pay in 2018: $29,078/annually, $13.98/hour
    • Median pay in 2018: $35,069/annually, $16.86/hour

    Note: Salary and employment outlook is for Orange County, CA, and will vary depending on skill, experience, employer, and geographic location.  

Headshot of Irene De La Rosa
As a single mother, I enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician Program to seek better opportunities for myself and my family. To gain hands-on experience, I enrolled in the externship class and applied for my license. I am grateful for this chance to have a medical career. Irene De La Rosa
CTE Program Graduate – Pharmacy Technician