Start Your Path to a Healthcare Career as a Medical Assistant. 

NOCE’s Medical Assistant Certificate provides the first steps to enter a new career. If you enjoy helping others and working with doctors, enroll today! 

A photo of a medical assistant student practicing taking blood pressure on another student.

This program will prepare students for an entry-level position as a medical assistant in an administrative and/or a clinical setting. The program consists of courses that prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to perform a medical assistant’s tasks in medical and healthcare settings.

What You’ll Learn

  • Students who complete the program will learn to:
    • Collect and input patient medical history into the computer
    • Create and manage patient files and reports
    • Process medical insurance claims
    • Perform clinical tasks such as taking and recording vital signs
    • Assist doctors with physical exams
    • Perform other lab collecting procedures
    • Understand the legal and ethical requirements of healthcare
  • To be eligible, you must:
    • Students must be 18 years or older
    • Complete an NOCE Admissions Application
    • Complete an online general orientation at least 24 hours before registering
    • Must purchase and wear Medical Assistant Program uniform (scrubs) for all classes
    • Recommended: Have basic English reading, writing, and speaking skills, and/or be at an ESL Intermediate High level
    • Recommended: Basic math skills
  • Program Guide
  • Program Map
  • Industry Certification

    The program prepares students to sit for the  National Health Career Association (NHA), Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA), and/or Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) examination to earn a national medical assisting certification.

    For more information on CMAA and/or CCMA certification, visit

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Four medical assistant students looking through microscopes

As a medical assistant, you’ll help your healthcare facility run efficiently. This involves performing clinical and administrative duties. Admin duties may include: scheduling appointments, maintaining medical and billing records, and coding insurance information. Clinical duties may include: taking and recording vital signs, recording medical histories, preparing patients for exams, and administering medication.  

Career Highlights and Opportunities

  • English language – reading, writing, and speaking skills usually at or above an ESL (English as a Second Language) Intermediate High level
  • Social PerceptivenessUnderstanding people’s reactions 
  • Active Listening – Listening to others, not interrupting, and asking good questions 
  • Medical Assistant (MA) 
  • Medical Office Assistant 
  • Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) 
  • Clinical Assistant 
  • Medical Reception/Receptionist 
  • Medical Administrative
  • Record patients’ medical history, vital statistics, or information such as test results in medical records.
  • Prepare treatment rooms for patient examinations, keeping the rooms neat and clean.
  • Interview patients to obtain medical information and measure their vital signs, weight, and height.
  • Explain treatment procedures, medications, diets, or physicians’ instructions to patients.
  • Clean and sterilize instruments and dispose of contaminated supplies.
  • Perform general office duties, such as answering telephones, taking dictation, or completing insurance forms.
  • Schedule appointments for patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I receive when finished and how long does it take?

    Students who complete the Medical Assistant program receive a certificate with an emphasis in Front Office or Front and Back Office work. The program can be completed in as little as 8-10 months.

  • How much does it cost?

    The Medical Assistant courses are tuition-free. However, students are responsible for covering the cost of textbooks, scrubs, course supplies, and a parking pass. Your course instructor(s) will provide an estimate for the cost of required textbook, software, and course supplies during your first course meeting.

  • What are the jobs and how much do they pay in California?

    Career opportunities include medical assistant, medical office assistant, certified medical assistant, clinical assistant, medical reception/receptionist, and medical administrative  

    • Average Hourly Wage: $23.00 to $30.00

    Note: Salary and employment outlook is for Orange County, CA, and will vary depending on skill, experience, employer, and geographic location.   

Headshot of Mohammed Jamal
I was a physician in my home country of Syria, and I was highly credentialed in nutritional medicine. But, as a father of three I made the difficult decision to leave my home country and come to the United States for better opportunities. I enrolled in the Medical Assistant Certificate Program at NOCE so I can one day practice medicine again in the U.S. Mohammed Jamal
CTE Program Graduate – Medical Assistant Certificate Program