To maintain a safe environment for all, we ask all students, faculty, and staff to become familiar with emergency procedures and evacuation routes at each NOCE Center.

At the Anaheim Campus, emergency procedures are posted in every classroom and evacuation routes are posted at each elevator for the corresponding floor. For more information, please see the following:

To promote preparedness in the event of an emergency, the Anaheim Campus participates in emergency drills and use fire-rated doors for all classrooms.

Emergency Drills

NOCE participates in a minimum of two emergency drills each year: earthquake drill in the fall and active shooter response drill in the spring. Periodically, NOCE will participate in additional drills or exercises.

  • Evacuation of the Anaheim Campus
    • When evacuating the building, students should follow the instructions of their instructor or NOCE staff member. All people descending to the first floor should take the stairs and NOT the elevator. All students should take valuables with them if re-entry to the building is delayed.
    • Students and staff unable to take the stairs during an evacuation due to a disability may remain in the stairwell, which is to be reported to a floor marshal at the designated evacuation site. Stryker chairs are in the west stairwells by the main elevators near floors 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Stryker chairs may be used by trained faculty and staff to assist any injured or disabled person down the stairs in an emergency.
    • All students, staff, and faculty will evacuate to the West Parking Lot of the Anaheim Campus. Signs are posted in the West Parking Lot for designated assembly by floor. Faculty and/or staff members will take attendance and remain with their class while at the evacuation site in the West Parking Lot until the “all clear” is given by the Incident Commander that it is safe to re-enter the building.
  • Earthquake Drill

    Each October, NOCE participates in The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill to practice response and prepare in case of a major natural disaster or emergency. The California Community Colleges, along with national and state government offices, have identified the Great Shakeout as a priority.

    Information is sent in advance of the specific date(s) and time when the drill(s) will take place. Faculty and students will discuss earthquake safety procedures in class before and/or after the event.

    Earthquake Safety Procedure:

    • Drop
    • Cover
    • Hold on

    Earthquake Safety Steps, Tips, and Resources:


    • The specific NOCE Center will inform the campus community if an evacuation drill will also take place.

    The NOCE Campus Communications Department will often utilize the drill as an opportunity to test the emergency alert system. To ensure that you receive emergency messages, students are encouraged to keep their contact information updated in the Banner student database through myGateway.  For step-by-step directions, view this document: Updating Your Contact Information in MyGateway. 

  • Active Shooter Response Drill

    NOCE participates in campus-based emergency drills to practice lockdown and active shooter response. Each NOCE Center will participate in separate drills on various dates in the spring semester.

    The drill is initiated and ended through announcements and when directed, students and staff on campus will be directed to shelter-in-place/lockdown, view an educational video on active-shooter situations, and then discuss preparation methods in their classrooms and offices. Everyone on campus is expected to participate.

    Prior to each of the drills, the Office of Campus Communications will test the emergency communications system. Faculty, staff, and students will receive a text message, voice message, and e-mail. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to update their contact information in MyGateway to assure delivery.

    Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to prepare for the spring emergency drill by viewing the following video and PDF:

Fire-Rated Doors

Classroom doors at the Anaheim Campus are fire-rated. Fire-rated doors help prevent fire or smoke from spreading. Propping doors with a door stop or other object is a fire life safety violation. Classroom doors must remain closed at all times as ordered by the Anaheim City Fire Marshal.